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Every event is a challenge for us to face with passion and determination, trying to satisfy any customer request and thanking him whenever he pushes us to make the most of our creativity.

All events

Business, Sport, Entertainment and much more!


WePhoto collaborates with various companies that organize Business and Corporate events, in particular with ADC group, a leading integrated communications company.

We document every moment to make it available in the company archive or to be immediately shared on the web and on social media channels.


WePhoto staff is always ready to guarantee their availability to photograph any sporting event, thus creating a collaboration with companies and sports clubs.

WePhoto photographers specialized in sports photography have years of experience in different segments, including football, basketball, tennis, rugby, swimming, golf, snorkelling and much more..

Concerts and shows

Over the years we have photographed numerous shows and concerts including that of Daddy Yankee, Cesare Cremonini, Le Vibrazioni etc. we are always ready to mix technique and art to create creative photos that express the essence of the event to the fullest..

Light Paining

Have you ever thought that in addition to colours you can paint with light?
Do you want to enjoy a new and amazing way to express your creativity? Entertain guests of your events with Light Painting!

Once the photo is taken, our PhotoExpress service will allow you to get immediate printing of your photographic painting.


The perfect service for your events

PhotoExpress is the service that allows you to print the most beautiful photos taken during an event in real time, so that each guest can take them and take them home as a souvenir. PhotoExpress adapts to any theme. For Business events, WePhoto is able to create an “ad hoc” packaging that contains the image of your brand in order to promote your company.

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